Are Your Retirement Planning Ideas Up to Date?

New Retirement Planning Ideas

There has been a paradigm shift in retirement planning you might not be aware of.  The Retirement-Toolbox Video discusses the shift and potential impact on your retirement.

This favorable IRS allowed strategy lends itself to “Zero” Tolerance for Retirement Taxes and “Zero” Tolerance for Stock Market Losses.

You no longer have to risk capital to earn a reasonable rate of return.

This relatively unknown tax-free solution has been quietly used by America’s wealthiest families to cut taxes and preserve capital.

The Tax-Free Pension Alternative, also known as living benefit life insurance or a Tax-Free IUL eliminates taxes and stock market losses.  It has been called a perfect retirement solution.

  • You don’t lose money when the markets go down, so you are never digging out of an   investment hole!
  • You Share in Market Upside when Markets go up, up to a cap rate currently 13.0% to 16.0%!
  • You’ll Earn Reasonable Rates of Return!
  • Your Gains are locked in annually, so you never give back profits already earned!
  • Tax-Free Penalty Free Withdrawals at any age, the ultimate tax shelter!
  • You can generate a Tax-Free Income You Won’t Outlive!

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