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No Stock Market Losses

The Power of Tax-Free Compounding and No Stock Market Losses.
The Power of Tax-Free Compounding and No Stock Market Losses. During a 15 year look back, The tax-Free IUL returned 4.5 times more after-tax income than a 401(k)



Solutions for You.

Safe Income Strategy #3 offers:

  • Tax-Free Retirement Income when properly structured.

  • Higher caps than Safe Income Strategy #2, and potentially higher returns.

  • Triple compounding – you earn interest on your principal, interest on your interest & interest on the tax dollars that are eliminated.

  • No Stock Market Losses. No downside risk due to market volatility. Your money is safe because you are never in the market.

    • You’ll sleep better knowing the yo-yo ups and downs of the market are behind you.

    • You earn interest based on market index performance.

    • Your capital is never at risk. You never have to dig out of a market hole. You’ll never be in a position of having to double your remaining funds just to get even.

    Worst case scenario – Market is down 50% or more, your capital is secure – no loses and you get credited zero interest that year. Zero is your hero. While your friends in mutual funds suffered big losses, you lost no capital. Some policies pay a minimum return of 1% in down years.

  • Tax Free Death Benefit – Completes your tax-free retirement plan in event of early death.

  • Flexible premiums

What should you do?

  1. Call me direct at 800-955-7898 to discuss your situation

    • We will tailor a solution to your situation.

    • You will find the solutions easy to understand and implement.

  2. Stop contributing to traditional IRAs, 401(k)s and 403(b) retirement plans. Redirect your contributions into Safe Income Strategy #3, which will grow your money tax Free.

  3. If you are getting a company match on your 401(k) retirement plan, only contribute enough to get the match, this is free money. Redirect the excess to Safe Income Strategy #3.

  4. For money already in a traditional IRA, 401(k) or 403(b) retirement plan, rolling the money into a properly structured IRA using Safe Income Strategy #2, could stretch the tax liability over multi-generations, possibly tripling the money available to your family.

  5. If you are making extra payments on your mortgage, Stop…redirect the extra payments into Tax-Free Wealth Accumulation of Safe Income Strategy #3.

  6. Low yielding underperforming assets can be redirected into Safe Income Strategy #3.. The tax advantages and safety are ideal for the risk adverse.

  7. High risk assets can safely be redirected into Safe Income Strategy #3, eliminating volatility and market risk.

  8. Switch annuities into IULs. The caps are almost twice as high in IULs as in annuities and the participation rates are higher too. Tax-Free is better than tax deferred. And a tax-free death benefit is better than no death benefit.


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